We help people who are new (or not so new) to cities meet and make friends. We do this by hosting awesome events and finding great activities for people to experience together

Sign up, come to an event, meet awesome people, go have fun together

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Get matched up

Get matched up

We figure out the best people for you to meet, and introduce you to them at the event

Easy conversation

Conversation flows easily

We provide story provoking conversation starters, awesome games, and sweet entertainment. Just bring yourself

Cool activities with new friends

Do the things you love with the people you met

We help you stay in touch with your favorite people and suggest cool activities/experiences for you to do together

Who are we?

We are two guys who love helping people meet and make friends

We believe life is better when you're sharing it with great friends. But for some reason, making friends as an "adult" is much harder than when you're young. That's why we created these events. To make it easy for people to connect and build meaningful relationships with one another.